Spencer works carefully to keep each cow calm and safe. The trimmer assists and educates the producer on how to treat lame cows. Minimal stress is caused to the animal due to both Aleds professionalism and the custom features of the rollover crush. Now, 3 chutes later and growing to over 200,000 cows a year, thank you for making it all possible by building the best cattle handling equipment on earth.” Skye Barker   Holistic Horse Care Services, Francesca Powell Professional Hoof Care Provider, Scenic Rim, Logan, Ipswich, Brisbane &Gold Coast areas, Deb Reid D R Equine  Dip Equine Podiotherapy, Libby Franz - Diploma Equine Podiotherapy (& Cert III ACEHCP), Zoe Fieldhouse - Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy. Turning the cow on its side is stress free for the cow and a lot easier and quicker to trim . Chris is a Fully Licensed Cattle Foot Trimmer (formally category 1) and is a member of the National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers (NACFT). When it comes to hoof care, time is of the essence. When the subject of hoof care arises during on-farm visits, a full to-do list is often shared. Any observation that differs from a normal gait should be reported and dealt with as soon as possible. Sarah Andrews, Specialist consultant for the Easycare Range. by Koos Vis | Dairy Hoof Trimming, Dairy Management. Testimonials. Trimming Workshops for Horse owners see:   www.barehoofcare.com  for dates and places. Applying a bandage to a cow's foot is an essential tool for hoof care success. The professional hoof trimmers at Cattle Care Services provide use leading technology and equipment in the trade. As a result, there are often not enough hours in a day to give lameness your very best. Donna Renaud     Professional Hoof Care Provider, Juanita Bosle  - Professional Hoof Care Provider, Dennis Cherry        Dip. Lameness is a daily occurrence on most farms, and there are many other aspects to dairy farming that compete for the farmer’s attention. The trimmer also assists the producer with strategic maintenance programs (ongoing footbaths and herd-spraying methods). Contracts for routine visits (every 2 weeks) available for cattle of 300+ cows. Obviously, turning a blind eye to lame cows is not an option, and lameness, especially if neglected, is an often-underestimated expense. If you want to learn how to safely and efficiently lift a foot, read, Once you have dealt with any lame cattle, the next step is to. Ph 0431 203 489 HoofStudy@yahoo.com.au. Canberra , Gouldburn, Yass,Southern Highlands, Northern suburbs of Sydney, Galston The Hills District, Hawksbury and surrounds. Rebecca Feasey - Professional Hoof Care Provider, Ph 0411 848 643  wandarrahestate@gmail.com, Jill Collins - Professional Hoof Care Provider -, Ph 0408 381 571   mahogany_bay@hotmail.com. Frank Bosink – Professional Hoof Care Provider –, Grace Heather - Professional Hoof Care Provider -, www.equibility.com.au    equibility@gmail.com, Nerida Hunt - Professional Hoof Care Provider, Ph 0402 083 757  nerida--hunt@hotmail.com, Anne Couli  - Professional Hoof Care Provider, Dan Smith - Professional Hoof Care Provider, 0447 002 065  dansmithhoofnerd@outlook.com, Suzanne Barton   -  Professional Hoof Care Provider, Angela Koek -  Professional Hoof Care Provider. Rehabilitation Centre. Therefore, it is important to tackle the hoof care basics by having an easy and safe way to lift a foot. FeedCattle.com is an organization of cattle feedyards located in Western Kansas and Southwestern Nebraska. Angus Cattle Live Like Someone Left Gate Open Horizontal Poster Wall Art Home Decor Bedroom Living Room Office School 36x24 Inches Poster MWG1 (32"x48") $31.99 $ 31. Here is a list of trimmers based on the professional assocation they are a member of. Product Rating is 5. You can also contact the president, Philip Spence, for more information. The purpose of applying... It’s difficult getting the dairy barn floor right, isn’t it? Charters Towers / Bowen/Ary/Hugheddan/Ingham/Townsville, Amy Townsing  Professional Hoof Care Provider, Karan Robinson - Professional Hoof Care Provider, Maja Stocker       Dip. Cindie Ursem   Professional Hoof Care Provider. Specialist Boot consultant for the Easycare Range. Equine Podiotherapy, Phone: 0423 655 924  jenniferw84@hotmail.com, Wendara Equine Rehabilitation Centre, Northside Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, Amy Townsing      Dip. specialist consultant for the Easycare range. Martin Watson has been trimming cattle for many years and has done a great job for us. Professional hoof trimming services are essential. Hoof trimmers are an essential part of dairy cows’ performance. I realize my losses when I do not properly keep up, but it is hard for farmers in our area to find a hoof trimmer who is willing to travel. Cattle-exchange.com is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. The question of “Where can I find a hoof trimmer?” is also one that I commonly encounter. The Ontario Hoof Trimmers... Wrapping has been around for years as a way of dealing with hoof problems. We are your wholesaler supplier !You may be eligible for Free Shipping& more. Keep in mind, however, to. 4.8 (713) was save . Specialist consultant for the Easycare range. Speclialist boot consultant for the Easycare range. Northern NSW, Tenterfield,Deepwater,Glenn Innes, Emmaville, Dundee, Inverell areas. Equine Podiotherapy, Lacey Geiger  Professional Hoof Care Provider, Jennifer Wagstaff       Dip. Say you go with concrete flooring,... Lameness is a problem no dairy farmer can handle alone. From the relief milking grew other services - cattle foot trimming, clipping and sheep shearing and from this ,Ross Anthony Livestock Services Ltd was born. Save Up To See price at checkout Click here for more details. If you’re unsure of where to look to find a barefoot trimmer in your area, or if you’re looking for a second opinion on your horse’s hoof health, here are some options for you to try. Beatrix Bergman Professional Hoof Care Provider –, GraftonTo Macksville and West to Dorrigo and possibly Armidale, Bronwyn Lawrence – Professional Hoof Care Provider –, Cassandra Scaife Professional Hoof Care Provider, Carolyn Frazer – Professional Hoof Care Provider –. The WCCHTA’s hoof trimmers network in Western Canada. Hobby farmers to industrial livestock business operators will find the exact trailering solutions they need at Big Tex Trailer World. I've heard Chuck McCullough is very good up in Corydon, IA. Emily and Josh have 4H steers this year and last Saturday Martin trimmed the feet on both steers. Narangba, Burpengary,Deception Bay,Caboolture, Davabin, Whiteside, Strathpine, Kurwongbah, Teresa Emery - Professional Hoof Care Provider, Atherton Tableland, Tully, Innisfail, Cairns,Julateen, Sophie Gregory - Professional Hoof Care Provider, 0438 615 574            sghosreservices@hotmail.com, Melissa Longhurst - Professional Hoof Care Provider, www.equinebodybalance.com.au    0447 583 096, Bianca Shaw Professional hoof Care Provider, Emma Woodhall-Spargo Professional Hoof Care Provider, Kendall Moore   Professional Hoof Care Provider. He finds and provides the producer with up-to-date research and relevant information about hoof health management. In my professional opinion you should strongly consider working with a professional hoof trimmer for a number of reasons: In summary, maintaining a healthy herd requires: This approach will help you achieve your goals and maximize your ROI. Ph 0434 873 913  cindie.ursem@yahoo.com.au. Proper hoof trimming and claw care contribute to increasing the functional life of a dairy cow. Josh Dreier - owner $1,800. If you are a professional trimmer or farrier who includes natural hoof care practices in your work and would like to be listed here, just contact us on admin@easycaredownunder.com.au, Julie Wright, Manager Bare Equine, Dip. 3 talking about this. The ABC Chart: your guide to the dairy hoof diseases galaxy, The Case for Keeping Hoof Trimming Records, Hoof Trimmers and Veterinarians Can Work Better Together, Trade shows: the ultimate place to mingle and learn, “For the Record”: Hoof Trimmers Gathering in Ontario, Four hoof experts share tips on hoof wrapping, Concrete Flooring: Chat with Tom Woodall of AGRI-TRAC™, Talking with Australian lameness expert Peter Best, Forage banking: no worries over summer feed supplies. Once you have dealt with any lame cattle, the next step is to stay focused on preventative trimming. Ph 0406 441 067 andrewasofo@me.com. Should Your Hoof Products List Include Formalin? Equine Podiotherapy, Wallan,Whittlesea,Craigieburn,Kinglake,Kilmore, Whittlesea Yarra Valley, Kilmore, Yea , Alexandra and surrounds, Specialist Boot Consultant for the Easycare Range of Boots, Macedon Ranges , Ballarat, Hepburn Shire,Melton, Werribee and surrounds, Bronwyn  Kruger    -   Hoof Care Provider. This database is a great networking tool, as it also shows in which geographic locations the trimmers work. Posted on June 17, 2011 by Dan Dickson. I have compiled a short list of some excellent resources you can use to find dedicated, professional hoof trimmers. Equine Myofunctional Therapist (Equine Massage & Saddle fitting) & Rehabilitative Barefoot Trimming. Kiewa Valley, Mt Beauty, Gundowring, Mitta Mitta Valley, Mansfield,Shepparton. When you own a dairy herd, maintaining its hoof health is a constant challenge. I trim large and small herds including dairy and beef cattle. Unskilled hoof trimming can be disastrous. While each... At Diamond Hoof Care, we are very serious about our presence at dairy trade shows. Obviously, turning a blind eye to lame cows is not an option, and lameness, especially if neglected, is an often-underestimated expense. Leeonie Stephens - Professional Hoof Care Provider, Specialist consultant for the Easycare range. Phone: 0431 848 048 birgit@icaredatatools.com.au. Find Stock / Stock Combo Trailers for sale . Read More. Cattle Hoof Trimming is a service business that trims and cares for the hooves of herds, dairy cows and bulls. If you want to learn how to safely and efficiently lift a foot, read “Hoof Signals – Success Factors for Healthy Hooves.” This book uses colourful graphics and clear instructions to outline how you can properly manage your herd’s hoof care. 4.8 out of 5 stars 102. By keeping your cattle balanced on their feet you will provide yourself with a more prosperous breeding herd or milking operation. Hoof Trimming, Beef Cattle, Watson Hoof Trimming, Dickson Simmental. I’d also love to hear if you were able to find a local hoof trimmer. And lastly, the hoof trimmer trims the herd to prevent and control lameness. CHD have proved a very reliable and effective service for both preventative and remedial foot care for our dairy herd. He operates a special rollover crush specifically designed for cattle foot trimming. Specialist boot fitter for the Easycare range. hoofmatters@gmail.com, Specialist Boot Consultant for the Easycare range. The National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers is the UK's only representative body for … After cleaning and trimming a hoof with a titanium carbide bit trimmer, he … $27.99 $ 27. Serving Pennsylvania and Maryland We pride ourselves in doing business with local and area farmers and ranchers. There are two steps to maintaining a healthy herd: The herdsman is the person that is familiar with the cows: he sees them daily and knows each animal’s way of walking. Dreier Cattle Hoof Trimming, LLC - Josh Dreier, Wiggins, Colorado. Timely treatment to deal with any active issues, How to Best Treat Strawberry Foot in Cattle. Please note they are not employees of Easycare Down Under therefore we take no reponsibility for the trimming that they perform nor any recommendations they make about the ongoing care of your horse's hooves. And lastly, the hoof trimmer trims the herd to prevent and control lameness. Finally, let me know if the plan I outlined above works for you and your herd. Specialist boot consultant for the Easycare Range. Why should a professional trimmer be an asset to my operation and be part of my team? Equine Podiotherapy, Phone: 0439 828 408  grounduphoof@gmail.com, Specialist consultant for the Easycare Range, Equine Podiotherapist - Specialist Hoof Boot consultant for the Easycare range, "Barefoot 'n' Boots "   Ph 0419888839 02 60271394, Mornington Peninsula , South East Victoria, Specialist hoof boot consultant for the Easycare range. One of its founding members, hoof trimmer Vic Daniel, is ready to answer your questions via his website: Vic’s Hoof Trimming Course. Cattle hoof trimming is our specialty and we ensure accuracy with all out results. As a result, there are often not enough hours in a day to give lameness your very best. Director of the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy,  Equine Podiotherapist & Master Farrier. Specialist Hoof Boot consultant for the Easycare range. Kiewa Valley, Mt Beauty, Gundowring, Mitta Mitta Valley, Mansfield,Shepparton. We highly recommend that you investigate their credentials further if you have a horse that requires more than just a maintenance trim. South Coast Berry to Ulladulla  & surrounds, Specialist Boot consultant for the Easycare range, Ph  0431239687    email hunterhorsecare@gmail.com, Tenterfield  North Coast & Tablelands to Stanthorpe. Feel free to forward any further questions you may have on our contact page. After trimming on junk that was sure to kill me or the cow, a Riley Built chute was a welcome sight in my driveway. The trimmer also assists the producer with strategic maintenance programs (ongoing footbaths and herd-spraying methods). The saying “practice makes perfect” definitely applies to hoof trimming! You can visit their main website or have a look at their database of hoof trimmer members. He tilts the table to move the cow off her feet, then secures each foot individually with a rope attached to the table. Specialist constultant for the Easycare range. $1,200. If you know of any that are missing, please ask them to contact me with their details and I’ll gladly include them. Carol Layton - Equine Nutrition www.balancedequine.com.au Carol creates specific equine diets designed to aid the rehabilitation of Laminitic and Foundered horses. Specialist consultant for Easycare range. Offering a friendly and professional service. Specialist consultant for the Easycare Range. 1 talking about this. Specialist Boot consultant for the Easycare range. As we at Diamond Hoof Care keep saying,... As we all know, summer is a very busy time on the farm. 0402201493 Trimming Services and Specialist Boot Fitter, Canberra , Queanbeyan, Captains Flat, Murrumbateman, Braidwood and Yass areas, Rob Little - Professional Hoof Care Provider, Ph 0408 279 413    rob.little8808@gmail.com. Barefoot hoof care provider-hoofrehab - agistment + rehab + veterinary support available at Guanaba Gold Coast. Lameness is a daily occurrence on most farms, and there are many other aspects to dairy farming that compete for the farmer’s attention. Portable unit, cattle are not tipped on their side as we use an elevator chute. Feedlot Panel, Cattle, 16 ft. L x 50 in. Veterinarian - Dr Deborah Davidson    0350220099, Kameruka (Bega Valley, Cooma-Monaro,Snowy Mtns. This is what me and my wife do for a job, trimming cows feet . Phone 0402 201 493, Greater Coffs Harbour area including Grafton & Belligen, NRC plus , Dr E Kellon Nutrition as a Therapy Nutrition for Performance Horses, Trimming & Specialist Boot Fitting and sales, plus Equine Nutrition help. What Stephen Hoggarth, Cattle Foot Trimmer can offer you: I am able to deal with 35-40 cattle per day. Leeonie Stephens - Professional Hoof Care Provider. 7 days a week, any size herd in any area Equine Podiotherapy, Specialist Hoof Boot Consultant for the Easycare Range, Sally Cherry Professional Hoof Care Provider, Deborah Benstead - Professional Hoof Care Provider, Gladstone Region, North to Rockhampton, South to Mirian Vale / Bundaberg, West to Biloela and North Burnett, Jane Fisher     Professional Hoof Care Provider, Rachael Taylor  Professional Hoof Care Provider, mobile    0427299976  Taylormadehorses@bigpond.com. 202 likes. – specialist consultant for the Easycare Hoof boot range. Ph 0428 036 096   mickandkendall@bigpond.com. Specialist hoof boot consultant for the Easycare range. Chris has a Wopa foot trimming crush which allows him full flexibility when working on your farm. favorite this post Dec 29 Cattle Bull Registered Wagyu/angus $1,200 (springtown) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. 99. The hoof trimmer is part of your success team, along with other professionals when they are needed, including veterinarians and nutritionists. I trim both show cattle and cattle to sell. Viki Hurnell Professional Hoof care Provider, Dr Sally Rekers,  Veterinarian, Dip. The truth is that we could certainly use more hoof trimmers in Canada. Shop over 150,000 trailers to find the perfect Stock / Stock Combo Trailers for sale near you.. Shop trailers for sale by Sundowner Trailers, Exiss Trailers, Eby, Featherlite, W-w Trailer, Delta Manufacturing, Cimarron Trailers, and more FREE Shipping. This includes topics such as. Discover HOOF BOSS, state-of-the-art cattle hoof trimming tools designed to perform intricate hoof procedures instead of high volume maintenance trimming. Where can I find a hoof trimmer that is willing and able to travel? The farriery industry (including barefoot trimming) in Australia is still an unregulated industry therefore your hoof care provider may have exceptional skills or be self taught. Beechworth, Wangaratta,Yackandandah, Glenrowan. Mobile 0448973856, Crystal Greenwood Professional Hoof care Provider, Professional Hoof Care Provider specialising in the rehabilitation of the equine foot and the use of the easycare range of hoof boots, Phone: 0404 177 206 shadow_mare@hotmail.com, Ph 0419 118 037 michelle@functionalhoofcare.com, EASYCARE RANGE - Compare-sizing-fitting-here, Hoof Research & Barefoot Trimming Articles. Cattle hoof trimming services. My cows’ hoof quality gets further behind every year. Per Cow* - £9.00 Per Bull - … At this point, you may be asking the following questions: The first question is one that I commonly hear. After several years it is very common for the do-it-yourself hoof trimmer to want to delegate the trimming chore to someone else. The National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers is the UK's only representative body for Professional Hoof Trimmers Cattle Panel - For Sale: Cattle Panel Fencing in Brenham, Trellis scrap cattle panels wire in Hempstead, 3 16 x50 cattle panels in Salina, Portable cattle panels in Hays, 3 Cattle Panels Lightweight in Goodland ... Hey Bar 10 foot long portable cattle panels good shape not bent up Want $30 a panel Call 785-259-2929 cash. A balanced hoof gives the foot stability and prevents diseases such as laminitis, foot rot and toe injury. 1999 merritt 50x102 tandem axle cattle pot. Fiona St Clair - Professional Hoof Care Provider -, Albury, Wodonga,Wangaratta, Chiltern, Rutherglen, Howlong, Corowa, Dooke, Cobram & Shepparton, Heather Dunn - Professioanl Hoof Care Provider -, Andrea Sofo - Professional Hoof Care Provider -. Wangaratta, Chiltern, Rutherglen, Howlong, Corowa, Albury, Wodonga, Shepparton. Being aware of them can help you keep your herd healthy and will contribute to improving the profitability of your dairy operation. Specialist Boot Consultant for the Easycare range. Cube Feeder - 6 slot automatic cattle feeder - daily cube dispenser $1,200 (Cisco Texas) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Dairy producers rely on a number of professionals to help them day in and day out. Phil Grace  Hoof Care Provider – student Equine Podiotherapy – Specialist constultant for the Easycare line. Cattle foot trimmer. Alan Clarke Veterinarian,  Equine Acupuncture, 03 52887015   0418 536 768  karen@vitalo2.com, Bunyip,Jindivick, Berwick, Macclesfield, Tynong & surrounds, Tina McCallum, Professional Hoof Care Provider, Lesley Britten  Professional Hoof Care Provider. Do you know any hoof trimmers, or do you have any suggestions on to how to deal with this?”. To increase the credibility and professionalism within the industry, to encourage continuing professional development and to share best practice. A founding member of the National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers (NACFT), Steve is qualified as a category 1 trimmer, in all Steve has been trimming cows’ feet for over 28 years. Dr Melanie Quick  -   Veterinarian &  Veterinary Chiropractor - 0417010519, The Problem Horse - PO BOX 234 Malmsbury VIC 3446. CHD Cattle Foot Care are a father and son family run business providing a professional cattle foot trimming service available in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset. Specialist Boot consultant for the Easycare range. Equine Podiotherapy, Phone: 0412 611 196 amytownsing@hotmail.com. Special Speeco Products TV206691 2Way Gate Latch. Peter Vanderborsch - Professional Hoof Care Provider, Ph 0421 080 518   allabouthorses66@gmail.com. Diamond Hoof Care and the brands we carry, are exclusively based on practical knowledge, hoof trimming experience and hoof health science, promising success and performance to every livestock operation. Cattle Hoof Trimming. Ask Around If you have a friend with a barefoot horse, ask them who they use for trims and if they would recommend their services. Rehabilitation Centre: Veterinary supported specialist rehabilitation therapies offered at Mayfield Barehoofcare centre for Navicular and Laminitis cases. It will be more fun being a dairy producer. H. SKU: 350207799. Ph 0458 250 669 or 02 6569 9212, Matt Fordham – Professional Hoof Care Provider – specialist consultant, Ian Stalow - Professional Hoof Care Provider. You can have a look at their list of certified hoof trimmers. I often, therefore, recommend this occupation to young men and women who do not mind some hard work and like the idea of being a valuable resource for dairy producers. The reason we can be so certain about the efficiency of our results is because we utilise state of the art cattle hoof trimming machinery that is geared for success and hoof stabilization. It is important to understand the causes of lameness and know the correct treatment protocols for each different problem. 99. Yvonne Heiser - Taylor  Professional  Hoof Care Provider, Carola Exner The Holistic Hoof - Hoof Care Provider and Boot Fitter . They, myself included, often hear something like the following from dairy farmers: “Keeping up with hoof trimming my cows has been a challenge over the past ten years. Stefanie Tscheppe, Professional Hoof Care Provider, Ph 0438 373 231   stefanietscheppe2@gmail.com, Jastell Jensen - Professional Hoof Care Provider -. Shop top selling hoof care products for cows & bulls including Kopertox, hoof nippers, tanged hoof rasp, Alushield, hoof knife and more with Free shipping offer. Find a Barefoot Trimmer Based on Their Professional Association. Speaking of which I need to get up there to get a heifer's feet trimmed. Consultations in other areas Australia wide by appointment. And ultimately you should expect to see an increase in your bottom line (Return on Investment or ROI). Samantha Greagory -Professional Hoof Care Provider, Ph 0409 006 306   angelacraddock59@hotmail.com, Melanie Rudy - Professional Hoof Care Provider, Rachel Tupek -Professional Hoof Care Provider, Guy Packard Professional Hoof Care Provider. Ballaratt to Hamilton  Ballaratt to Stawell, Martin Godwin  - Dip. The Register of Cattle Foot Trimmers is the official register and disciplinary body which was established on the advice of the British Cattle Veterinary Association and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons by the National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers in 2017. Specialist boot consultant for the Easycare range. Bidwell Cattle Hooftrimming Sean Bidwell McEwen, TN sdbidwell@aol.com Cell, 931-622-1960 Bill Mink Virginia 863-602-0810 Countryside Animal Clinic 270-678-1661 Danny Grisso Cambellsville, KY 270-789-2796 Doug McClelland Western Kentucky 270-221-5304 Frank Diaz 559-307-5924 diazfrank1964@yahoo.com Isaac White Loudon, TN Specialist Consultant for the Easycare range. 2 talking about this.