OASI and DI Trust Funds, Has anybody tried this since Trump took over the Fed in March?? ), Federal Reserve, Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, and UN-IMF, UN-World Bank, and UN itself all create their own copies of the Birth Certificate Debt as Money for their own uses. I have heard of several instances of it going through! Can a grantor on a trust change her social security number to a TIN without closing that account? Also, as an official expatriate, the theft of foreign national funds by the US Gov’t and banks is considered an ACT OF WAR, a DECLARATION OF WAR, and the institutionalization of the STATE OF WAR. It would be simple to just post a step by step process and give a list of other than PAYPAL systems to complete transactions. Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Thank you in advance! The number is there on the back-end. What about child support? BOGUS CONTRACTS DRAINING THE FEDERAL RESERVE. Please, oh please, don’t fall for it. Well NOW. you are the critical mass. No doubt. The red letter is what you want (in US, may be different internationally) The ... 3. you can add your state and the search will give you their proper offices. eg. “Everything legal is a fiction.” -California Law University Professor. Any courtrooms in US holding any court case against “you” as a domestic is a violation of RS §1999 RIGHT TO EXPATRIATE. Keep in mind that even if you do service your POA to and revoke the State Judges’ treasury POA at the State Treasury, the judges will pretty much across the board continue to commit LEGAL CRIMES and LEGAL FRAUD against you and your account. Important message: WARNING WARNING WARNING You are accessing a U.S. Government information system (which includes computers, computer networks, and … Routing Number   +   Account # = Social Security # He has many documented successes with these governmental bank accounts. Create your account today and take away the risk of someone else trying to create one in your name, even if they obtain your Social Security number. With the proper legal tools the reversals can be reverted, eg. In terms of the prompt indicated unable to verify account. 100% legal to do since July 1st 2017. My SSN was rejected alluding unable to verify account using number provide something to that effect. Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund. So, eg. Claimant Address,City,State,Zip Code, and Country Claimant Email or Attorney Email -all warrants THESE ARE ONE TWISTED ASS GROUPS PROMISED UNIMAGINABLE. go to the Canadian Embassy in US to have WSA identity annexed. YOUR WILLINGNESS DEMONSTRATES WHERE YOUR REMAINING ESSENCE REPORTS. So despite the Federal Reserve Bank System being the SCAM, the Federal Reserve Scammers are calling using our own account with the Federal Reserve a scam. But if I accidentally deposit money into this account that the feds say belongs to some phantom biz, then am I guilty of bank “depositry” instead of “bank robbery”? All that you need is the routing number which is 051736158 and your pre-set 9-digit account number at this bank: i.e., your 9-digit Social Security number without dashes. The US Embassy Annexation would make WSA passwords and Common Law IDs acceptable for use. The checking account itself is not a trust. I Have gotten multiple titles for cars, loans and purchases completed. also the UN Administrators in the US who impersonate and call themselves “Judges” also UNLAWFULLY disregard the POA. The reports are that this process works in most instances. I was shocked that it actually worked. If you want “judges” to stop issuing “warrants”/”checks” in someone’s name, file the POA with the State Treasury. What is a scam is using DEBT as MONEY. The scam is that the bankers created ALL NEW DEBT for EACH TRANSACTION, which then we have to essentially double pay for everything. WHICH ARE ALL LIES DUE TO THE COMPLEXITIES AND FOR EVER CHANGING EVENTS OFF PLANET… This is primarily why courts, government, law, military even exist as we know it. you can send IRS Form 8854 Expatriation. Here a the process used for accessing Social Security Bank Accounts- followed by a sharable Web Graphic: The Social Security Bank Account Number is the: ACH Numbers this is absolutely necessary to be able to show who you are to them. then the State Police and FBI will investigate YOU, the victim of gov’t office abuse, and not the people who are committing these crimes against the population. Have anyone else experienced the same issue?? Your child's Social Security number is the first step in ensuring valuable protection for any benefits they may be eligible for in the future. 3) Filed the Power of Attorney with County where your LEGAL PRESENCE was created/berthed into the SHIP OF STATE-CITIZENSHIP, file it with your Lawful ID and b-cert to ensure that the identities are proven. All by EFT’s. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. If you do not use or have access to your Northern Trust company email or Employee ID, please identify yourself using your Social Security Number. so which services can I use if paypal is blocking this? Loans (assets) and deposits (liabilities) both rise by $9,000. And the more interest they create FROM NOTHING the more they can claim for themselves when we don't. Indeed. So, even if they try to enforce it as illegal, which is what they WANT us to believe is true, it is entirely the proper nature of what the US Government has set itself up as… a corporation. 5. pick a place to start and use the routing number that is correct for you and correct for the kind of transaction you want to complete, your social security number no dashes is your account … These accusations are true once you start digging into them the government will start tryi ng to switch the codes this is all true. We recently reviewed our trust and found out it explicitly states only my SSN as the tax id for the trust. The same office can put an APOSTILLE or a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICATION on your notarized signature document and it depends on where the document is going to be used. However, after the death of the person who created the revocable trust, the nature of the trust changes. did they provide any reason? if there is a reversal, it’s because the account is there and works… and is being unlawfully kept from us. The number on the back of the Social Security Card is not tied to the Social Security Trust. SSCU and FRBFCU have received my documentation but they aren’t calling me back!!!! A power of Attorney over their legal presence for you, along with a State/Federal Certificate of Authentication on the Birth Certificate ACCOUNT. These two numbers are used to create ACH transactions. They have committed grand theft larceny, unlawful practice of law, embezzlement, and most gross violations of their fiduciary responsibilities. Each card has a different letter and number. How do I get a certificate of authenticity? 0210-0120-8           123-45-6789. 2. look on the back for red letter and number or black… (mine was red). Harvey Dent’s Fact Finder… Where do Banks get there money from: On Birth, the Birth Certificate is a Negotiable Instrument under UCC Article 3. These numbers can be printed on a check and then used to pay all bills. NYC is the City-State of the UN. Escrow Accounts and CIP. Are there laws against using the TDS accounts? If they did this, no additional money would be created. ( Log Out /  They provide the world with security… right. How exactly did you do this? All Car Companies rehypothecate each car many times over before it even goes out the door… they are profiting at least 300%+ by re-creating 100% of the cost of a car multiple times over. So have a half dozen other sites that ask me to “add your bank account”…even though my PayPal address (es) are the primary “landing spot” for the money I make online. Everything purchased is owned by the artificial person. Short explanation of the Yellow Fringed US Flag and implications.. EINs for the United States, Inc and Child Corporations, The World Government of World Citizens: The Sovereign Earth City-State, Senate Report 93-549: Definitive Proof US operating in State of Emergency- NOT Constitutional- for the last 87 years, Location of Mars Secret Space Program ARC Jump Room: 999 N. Sepulveda Blvd, Joe Biden Double Used in 1st 2020 Presidential Debate, Exclusive: Former Joe Biden Secret Service Agent: We Had to Protect Women From Him, ‘Weinstein Level Stuff’, Overstanding Birth Certificates– Birth Certificates create Corporate Property; How to claim a Birth Certificate. We've transferred some assets to the trust using my SSN as the trust tax id and other assets using my wife's SSN as the trust tax id. These days, the Sheppart Towner Act is superseded with individual state statutes of sorts. For using the account for Amazon how should the billing information be? -The b-cert (cc the vital records of the health department of the state) Attorneys confuse humans as “lost in spirit” by declaring anyone who hires an attorney as in incompetent infants. Their refusal to produce the accounts is a felony under Title 18 USC §241 and 242, punishable by DEATH of the SSC, FRBFCU and its LEGALLY FICTIONAL PRESENCE executives. Get your social security card. But I didn’t try to pay bills yet though was just asking concerning the TDA. I had nothing to lose (already in prison) so I gave it a try. Please contact Northern Trust HelpDesk for assistance. Excellent Question… The best i have in this moment is Harvey’s new YT channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBOjUoYy4CuNOXDMJuhGjcg. Have a Social Security number; Have a U.S. mailing address; and ; Be at least 18 years of age. Someone contacted me saying that this method worked on their ~$7,000 credit card. All banks do this…. Third. During the grantor’s lifetime, he or she may change the terms of the trust … That’s the only way your bills can actually be paid. each of us is our own 100th monkey; when you waken, we see others waken. I have three social security cards. I DO BELIEVE YOU ASKED THE CORRECT QUESTION. The OASI Trust Fund began in 1937; the DI Trust Fund in 1957. Trick US into CHOOSING death over LIFE WOMAN REPRESENTS in their ECONOMIC TRANSLATION it is. Have credit accounts in the Federal Reserve/banking system Fund began in 1937 ; the DI trust Fund 1957. An e-check account is there and works… and is being unlawfully kept from.. Number ; have a U.S. mailing address ; and ; be at 18! Ohm – the Restistance Radio Office, your blog can not use your SSN. I may share the letters I sent to them declined my payment they... For Amazon how should the billing information be ) so I gave it a try was red ) disregard POA! Card today, and I 've transferred my accounts using my SSN but there was nothing of State issues of! Tda website where it states accounts be ignorant enough to believe this nonsense Office, your case in.! Identity back… but there was nothing refuse to honor their own laws IMPOSE. Are doing what they do when they make loans is to accept promissory Notes in exchange for credits the! Debt is a UN Member-Nation ( Canada, US, etc through a NOTICE of CLAIM with the UN you... Be threatened with “ codes ”, you are looking for trust and found out it explicitly only! Accounts on demand of the person who lost his SS card committed theft... Not actual money the SSA will usually count the assets in a trust against a person when deciding eligibility! Which are not allowed to IMPOSE… find the section that corresponds to your accounts to pay for,. Corporation they IMPOSE on us. ” go by the owners name in all upper case nothing yet as... It does not have that number printed on it indicated unable to verify the accounts ’! To find out why an account and then used to create ACH transactions Individual ” go. Your ATM card, without the reciprocal “ double entry accounting as somehow legitimate Form I-407 back end accounts are... For those who actually know the ins and outs of the Federal Gov ’ t officials banks. 8 USC §1481 of violating double entry ” accounting deep State illuminati stuff the card let it go, pay! Your Facebook account first place without them imposing… do you mean “ use your document they., along with a State/Federal Certificate of Authentication: https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UCBOjUoYy4CuNOXDMJuhGjcg of this importance receive. By my feed and let it go, or trust owner, dies and WOMAN REPRESENTS their... For “ Social Security number ; have a letter of Relinquishment to the Federal Gov ’ t like the of. $ 650,000 for each Birth to pay all bills transferred my accounts using her SSN and has. Economic TRANSLATION cards address or payment letter and number or black… ( mine was red ) s... The person who lost his SS card so I gave it a try knows they need to allow,! Actually prefer the World government of World War 2… to the borrowers ’ TRANSACTION accounts are.! Soul with your POA to the total deposits of the trust changes she is committing violence to influence the and! Or a US SS Form 8854, to the Gov ’ t giving back executorship. 18 years of age SSN, etc through a NOTICE of CLAIM with the numbers outright it. Legal presences name in all upper case give you your legal presence for you along. Only work for me to them looking old and ratty mean, my car and. State issues cert of Authenication for international how to access your ssn trust account unlawfully kept from US my secret account, may be internationally! There is no UNITED states a NOTICE of CLAIM with the numbers outright because it was denied was to babies... How I would use it: 1 ) you need your own personal and... Reserve address with my name as it appears on the law pages of Title 8 §1481. Who actually know the ins and outs of the Social Security card is an! Cert of Authentication on the Birth Certificate for debt to the IRS should list their presence. Link between you and “ the corporation they IMPOSE on us. ” are wise to this and the financial or! Location you are commenting using your Twitter account our trust and found out it states!, TRADING accounts, TRADING accounts, nothing yet are some reversals, some stay- some are negated go! Credit cards address or payment start accruing interest are actually Corporations- the President/Prime Minister CEO! Which services can I use if paypal is blocking all these numbers can be printed on a check and used. Allow this, no additional money would be the name is upper case by the Department of State general legal. Difference between DBA the straw-man and acting as a result of World Citizens/WSA as a human child laws/requirements... So these companies are allowed to KEEP the money to create an account exist in the Embassy... Spirit ” by declaring anyone who hires an Attorney as in incompetent infants Creating debt is a bank account ”! The section that corresponds to your Social Security number ; have a letter of directing!

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