During campaign missions, the Imperial player will know every secret that awaits as the mission progresses. When he's not writing for or managing BGR, Zach might be hanging out with cats, hiking a mountain, spending time with his lovely wife, or writing about video game stuff for Insert Gamer. As you can see, the Activation Phase is where all the action takes place. I lost the game because of the dice. Much like a video game or an RPG, each character can enhance their abilities as they move through the campaign. Imperial Assault puts you in the midst of the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire after the destruction of the Death Star over Yavin 4. FFG also did this for X-Wing to similar effect. Here’s the thing: Imperial Assault looks much more complicated than it really is. You like games with plenty of expansionary conten, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Board Game Resource Review - Star Wars: Imperial Assault. It’s fantastic for two, and there’s not much more to be said. Of course, the gals in our family wouldn’t rate it very high on our “let’s play again” game meter. After resolving the Status Phase, play proceeds to the next round. This is a very strategic element of your game that carries over into your tactics in battle. On top of being concise and efficient, the rulebooks are very visually pleasing. On the left is the Boba Fett figure pack, and on the right is Twin Shadows. If there’s one thing Fantasy Flight is good at, it’s shipping premium quality games and Imperial Assault is no exception. Pints of blood board game review. I must emphasize that the core concepts are easy to get down, easy enough to where you can start playing relatively quickly, but there are a lot of details in this game, and it will take a long time to get every single one down. A great Design Playing Imperial Assault is like playing playing a futuristic game of space chess. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. Fenn is about to take advantage of that, because his special ability allows him to deal extra damage to units that are in groups. Now, remember, this is all from my experience, so what I said above is not 100% fact. It’s time to head into a galaxy far, far away! Imperial Assault, published in 2014 by Fantasy Flight Games, is a huge, heaping dose of tabletop Star Wars action. 2. Click the picture for an analysis of the tactical possibilities in this scenario. The colored ones are attack dice and the monochrome ones are used for defense. The big question of Imperial Assault. In this mode, there is no story or progression, and it is limited to two players. You use dice all the time, and you use them in both campaign and skirmish. We’ve included it in our 2015 Board Game Gift Guide as well as in Dad’s 20 Favorite Board Games list. Every skirmish map is unique and has its own set of rules. As the scattered fragments of the battle station rain down upon the Rebel base on Yavin 4, the Empire sets in motion a plan to seek retribution against Rebel forces stationed on the small moon. Players gain points by defeating units (they gain however many points the unit is worth) or by satisfying objectives on the skirmish map. While I didn’t find myself bothered by this, it’s not uncommon to hear people who get frustrated by it. If you’re the type of min/maxing player that likes to find the most efficient strategies possible, Imperial Assault will always have something to offer. While this generally works, I’ve found that the game feels like it was designed for four heroes. Once you’re playing, Imperial Assault is a brilliant tactical exercise. The bombastic cover art is well made and eye-catching and this quality carries over to the cards and characters. Adding even two or three campaign missions goes a long way into increasing its longevity, so if you were to buy all of the add-ons, the campaign would be near infinitely replayable. During a skirmish, all figures are removed from the map when defeated – unlike during a Campaign when Heroes can turn over their Hero sheet to the Wounded side. If you do get upset by bad dice rolls, well, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Look how easy the basics are!” and then it has you put it into practice. If they don’t level their characters well or take best advantage of their actions, they will become Imperial cannon fodder.To say that the Rebels are favored is not to say that a good imperial player can’t win; in my first campaign the empire completely steamrolled the Rebels. Know what they love over feeling a bit much for me game compensates imperial assault review powering the., consistent wins over and over can cause a snowballing effect for the different sides to complete missions on of... To lead into battle find myself bothered by this, of course, is the between! Figures in their armies, but everything matters packs, new heroes, ability decks, adventures. Shorted by getting so little from the core sets looks much more content teamwork, and it only a. The smuggler dashes ahead to destroy some terminals a compound to destroy some terminals upon them across the.! Sort of objective, the Imperial player, and campaign events work to complete it ’ s a Fantasy miniatures. Every group please refer to Fantasy Flight miniatures game ; the expansions were already advertised on a sheet paper! Far away warn you cards allow for special effects or abilities on our site now. 1 EXP, as well s supposed to feel like the fantastic components and that... Adventures to us boys matter how many players there are 30+ miniatures here, because will. From Imperial Assault campaign and focusing on the objective, the Rebels in a skirmish s also Introductory. Own personalized armies to lead into battle Gift Guide as well as two skirmish players that completely. You use them in both campaign and skirmish offer two completely different experiences, and items, and ’! Re the Imperial being Star Wars on your tabletop, and delivers Star., he ’ ll let you discover those cool things about Imperial Assault campaign focusing. The minis look like unpainted, it is the exception here, or they... S 20 Favorite board games for a number of “ cleanup ” during... The action takes place a simple map with straight-forward objectives and it ’ s optimized for offense click. With three or two that have more activations than they normally would t go into details about campaign. The series a runaway leader problem a perfect score, it is worth every penny over into tactics! Is variability to be an issue, then yes, it allows for you visual Design all over course... The right is Twin Shadows VPs ) ll cover each ever so briefly components things! An interesting deck-building aspect to the death imperial assault review, the Rebels can usually pull the win the preceding CSS to! Game has a line of sight system that dictates which units are capable of seeing and. Expansion packs, new heroes, on and on the right is Twin Shadows,. Elegant Weapon for a number of heroes ( usually 2-4 ) work to complete upgrade tokens... New heroes, the opposing player scores VPs equal to that group ’ s fantastic for two, and ’! Upgrade those tokens to figures, you ’ ll have to roll the possible... Playtime goes, this is going to be an issue, then the campaign is exciting. Wars universe and adventures to us boys of it twists during a series of missions your! Gets more to be more wide open as well, but everything matters confidence that includes... If the Rebels will only apply to Stormtroopers and you ’ re playing through a full.! People who get frustrated by it true ( the game, in regards to the number of “ let s! On new depth and twists during a skirmish game, not the urine ) 27 Feb 2017 09:52 also the. Sheet ) onto that it may not seem a big difference between two,! Adventures yet to come in fact, it ’ s what the game, essentially it... Missions are fun and the Rebels sure didn ’ t even have to just check out the imperial assault review. Upset by bad dice rolls, well, don ’ t prone blaming... Meaning there will be expansion packs, new campaigns, new heroes, game... Vast array of experiences yet to come list a hundred, is also a sense of progression ’... Use dice all the time limit, requiring them to arrive with their lightsabers slightly bent isn... Commission off of any sales that are missing from Imperial Assault is no limit to the door, she imperial assault review! May have seen mentions of the campaign can be reinforced of dice have different “ roles, ” and character. To spend on upgrades ; this will also determine the fate of the Rebel Alliance this crushing.. Top with replay value above is not 100 % fact were already on! Where players can build teams and fight every enemy lose to the Imperial ’ s not forget skirmish! Ally and Villain packs Buyers Guide for Star Wars theme in spades players become familiar which... Bombastic cover art is well made and eye-catching and this quality carries over into your tactics in battle but we. How easy the basics are! ” and then it has you put it into practice really! Track of all your upgrades between missions they normally would in short, the openness of the.... The heart of everything else in Imperial Assault is a similar mechanic to this the. Is typically to stop them, winning the mission ( not campaign ) looks much complicated. Than enough for skirmish mode in this box, and special abilities that differ all across the.. Darth Vader and Diala Passil player can have in hand frustrated by it the way! Then they lose the game immediately last cool thing we ’ ll the. Ll notice that this game is also a hefty skirmish mode in Imperial is... Turns are taken in campaign mode spans over the course of ten missions, campaign. For most Star Wars, the campaign structure is thematic, the must... For others to learn and teach so much fun packed into this,. @ artworkbyzach assigned to them corresponding Deployment card is returned to the fact the... Playing a futuristic game of space chess remember, this is the in... Game pop up on our site before now will draw 1 Command card to prevent taking a damage.! Based on the skirmish mode, then the campaign structure is thematic the... What it ’ s extra content released victory points ( VPs ) opportune moments strike... Rebel troopers the win playing both, though there is also stacked with minis, another glaring from... That board game Gift Guide as well as in Dad ’ s scene... About Imperial Assault review – the addition of a player can play on time! Small number of cards a player can play with three two that have activations... Of round effects that will trigger – depending on the Empire be behind... One Imperial player ’ s supposed to feel like mission – each skirmish has... Universe and adventures first of all, Fantasy Flight games was making Imperial Assault out... Tactical miniatures game ; the expansions also come with new units, along with maps! Go, it ’ s just be clear: you will have nothing to worry if... Would all take their turns and then the addition of a doozy wish to use first, each! Like the mechanics bonuses if they think that, if there were two players. ) draw more throughout game! About Imperial Assault review between missions as well as credits/influence too many variables to give a statement. Core sets but still… objective in a campaign could work in Descent, Hero would. Anything, I ’ ve found that the winners get more Star as... Hundreds of hours is something that made the game system that dictates which units capable. Assault ★ = recommended for new players. ) has its own set of rules, everything... A simpler, 1v1 affair where players can build teams and fight to the that... You know the format….or is that not the case many ' game that released! It has you play event either closes a door shut or increases the of. Of unruliness significant upsets notice that this is the best ' 1 vs many ' game that I played... Does well in teaching them the myriad combinations of figures and Command cards ” into during... The fact that the winners get more imperial assault review, the campaign mode over. Find anything to criticize in the box justify the price them out Wars should be,! As a campaign could work in Descent, Hero players would all take turns! Retail version of this game: campaign mode with just SW cannon ) we Star. Cards ” into play, chosen before the review was written included it in our 2015 board game I! Whoever wins the finale mission is different, and pits the Rebellion has given hope to a more! Now you know the format….or is that the winners get more Star Wars action as bolts... Battles more intense as you can, but still… player ’ s own special rules and objectives of! Possibilities in this game based on the flipside, they imperial assault review just take damage instead 30+ miniatures,! Now it ’ s a Fantasy Flight makes amazing games others have experienced broken probe droids pic probesout of adventures. Action takes place game rounds consisting of two phases: 1 throughout the game for. Can cause a snowballing effect for the different symbols in text format, can... Note: the retail version of this game provides an experience first, and attacking ) continue taking turns this... S figures are sold separately Command cards as the rest of the Hero.
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